Langrich 89.5h ナイン(Nine)先生

 今日は1h lessonにしてNine先生とA UN Warning About Chemical DangersWords and Their Stories: All About Eyesと2つ読みました。Chemicalはもはや専門みたいなもんなので、すらすらいけました。idiomはわからないっすね。間違いながら使っていかないと覚えないんだろうな。
call for
eyes can be a window into their hearts
catch one's eye
sets eyes on one
make eyes at one
give one the eye
gets hit between the eyes
with stars in one's eyes
the apple of one's eye
have eyes for you
one's eyes might be bigger than one's stomach
one's eyes might pop out
might not even believe one's own eyes
all eyes would be watching one
they see eye to eye
the idea of an eye for an eye
pull the wool over a person’s eyes
evil eye
keep an eye on
to have eyes in the back of one's head